Citavi 5.5 released

New or Improved Features
  • New feature: Grouped bibliographies (Click here for additional information)
  • In the category column you can now hold down the Shift key while clicking a category to display all the references and knowledge items belonging to its subcategories.
  • Reference Manager importing has been improved.
  • Online proxy support has been improved.
  • The HTML to PDF conversion has been improved for when a proxy server is used and the HTML page is delivered over an SSL connection.
  • Links to PDF files in the Knowledge Organizer, Task Planner, and Reference Editor are now displayed by default in the Reference Editor preview pane. If the Ctrl key is pressed while clicking, the file is opened in full screen mode. If Ctrl+Shift is pressed while clicking, the file is opened in a new full screen window.
  • In the administrative settings, it's now possible to prevent Citavi for DBServer users from creating local projects.
Resolved Bugs
  • During a BibTeX import the character sequence ~{ would cause Simplified Chinese (HZ) to be applied as the character encoding.
  • BibTeX imports couldn't interpret the sequences {\aa} and {\AA} as the special characters å and Å.
  • During a BibTeX import a parent reference wasn't created if the year was identical to that of the child reference in the bib file.
  • If PubMed IDs were separated by periods or commas and then copied to the Clipboard, Citavi would display an error message when the feature ISBN, DOI, PMID was used to search for bibliographic information.
  • The feature Open Folder in Windows Explorer did not work as expected for local files imported from .bib files.
  • Bibliographic information for conference proceedings imported from cross.ref was not imported correctly.
  • When importing an EndNote library, PDF files saved in EndNote with the same name in different locations were not imported.
  • When importing an .enw file, the contents of the custom fields 2, 3 and 4 were not imported.
  • When exporting to EndNote, not all references and covers were transferred correctly.
  • When importing a Bibliographix database not all the quotations were imported.
  • The Full Text Search did not find full-text articles from
  • It wasn't possible to search for numbers within a category name in the "Go to" field while assigning categories.
  • Searching the field Created on with a year and the greater than or less than operators did not return the correct results.
  • It wasn't possible to search for references without a page range with the search query "Page range": !.
  • In a shared project, if a user deleted all the keywords and categories for a reference, the changes were not synchronised among the other project users.
  • A synchronisation error would occur if a user deleted a category for a reference while a second user selected this category and wanted to switch to the same reference.
  • In the Knowledge Organizer in the keywords column, clicking Merge in the shortcut menu had no effect.
  • When assigning a group to multiple references, an error could occur if either the option in the Reference Editor or in the Knowledge Organizer was selected.
  • When assigning groups or keywords, no group or keyword could be assigned if an element was selected twice.
  • When copying or moving references to a Citavi project, selecting the Locations option would cause DOIs and PubMed IDs to be deleted.
  • When multiple local files were attached to a reference and the files were renamed more than once, the file numbering changed each time.
  • Importing with the Picker for Adobe Acrobat/Reader could lead to database inconsistencies in rare cases.
  • If many users were working on a Citavi for DBServer project at the same time and saving large amounts of information at once, database inconsistencies could occur.
  • Chrome Picker: The feature Add as local file to current Citavi reference did not work correctly.
  • Chrome Picker: The bibliographic information for ISBN numbers, DOI addresses, and PubMed IDs was not searched for when clicking the Picker symbol.
  • Chrome Picker: If the option add selection as... was used, text was imported without line breaks in Citavi.
  • Chrome Picker: The Hunter imported information from Springerlink with the Unknown reference type (instead of Contribution in ...).
  • The Pickers for each browser imported websites in an inconsistent way.
Add-In for Word
  • Clicking the reference list with the Up arrow key caused an error to occur.
  • The Roman numerals numeral system was not always applied when selected.
Citation Style Editor
  • The Citation Style Editor interpreted line breaks (soft return) as new paragraphs (hard return).
  • The suppression of author names in multiple citations did not work if citations had the format "Author (Year, Quoted page range)" or "Author (Year), Quoted page range".
  • The first name form for additional person names could not be applied.
DBServer Manager
  • When importing a local project, the import was aborted with an "isolationLevel" error message under certain circumstances.
  • Adding a new SQL login led to an error message.
  • Deleting an SQL login under Manage users led to an error message.
  • An attempt to connect to the database server with an SQL login was aborted with an error message after the login information was entered.
  • Under certain circumstances no connection to a Citavi database could be established with an SQL login on an MS SQL server.
  • It was possible to create a new project that began with the prefix "DB_".
  • When assigning per seat licenses an error could occasionally occur.
  • The DBServer Manager required an empty folder when changing the attachments path.
  • Citavi DBServer projects that were created by users with the Can create projects permission were not correctly indexed for the full text search.
  • In the DBServer Manager an error could occur when adding an Active Directory User or Active Directory Group if the user or group was already a member of another domain or sub-domain.