Citavi 5.4 Released

  • Citavi now supports all screen resolutions, including 200% and higher.
  • Citavi can now use 3 GB RAM if necessary. Previously, Citavi could only use up to 1.5 GB RAM.
  • When importing new references in the Import window, duplicates can now be viewed together by clicking the Duplicates column header.

Resolved Bugs

  • When importing from Zotero using the BibTex format, only one attached file was imported.
  • When importing a BibTeX file, the field "type" for the reference type @techreport was not imported as Type of thesis.
  • When importing a BibTeX file, the "type" field for the reference types @thesis, @masterthesis and @phdthesis was not imported as Type of thesis.
  • The dialog windows Retrieve references by ISBN, DOI name, or PubMed ID and Find full text could not be closed by pressing the Escape key.
  • Searches could not be saved in the Online search window.
  • Searches in Chinese catalogs did not display Chinese characters.
  • If multiple databases were selected for the Online search, the available search options displayed in the quick help did change accordingly.
  • Clicking Reset form in the Online search could cause an ArgumentOutOfRange exception to occur.
  • The "OR" operator did not work correctly in online searches in PubMed.
  • An online search in PubMed (batch) with Boolean operators did not load results in Citavi.
  • When adding references using the PubMed ID, first names were imported in an abbreviated format.
  • When adding references using the PubMed ID, Citavi did not find any contributions in edited books.
  • Citavi could not download full text if the authentication process had two different authentification methods defined.
  • The last setting for the page width in full screen mode was not saved.
  • Documents with an FTP URL could not be displayed in the preview pane.
  • If a local copy of an online PDF file was saved, Citavi named it with a random combination of letters and numbers instead of using the short title.
  • In Word, if the link to a quoted section of a PDF file was clicked while the preview pane was hidden in Citavi, full screen mode would open without loading the PDF file.
  • The option "Always save annotations in the PDF as well" did not work under certain circumstances.
  • After adding a keyword, category, or group on the Quotations, Comments tab, the quotation could not be closed with Ctrl+Enter if it was open in in-place editing mode.
  • When the screen resolution was less than 100% it could lead to the error "The specified argument is outside the range of valid values".
  • In the PDF preview, clicking the buttons Show next page and Show previous page could lead to an error message.
  • The sorting for contributions in conference proceedings was incorrect if a conference proceedings volume only had an entry in the Conference dates field and not in the Year field.
  • References with a publication date five years or more in the future were not sorted correctly by year.
  • All browsers: The Picker did not recognize DOI addresses that appeared on webpages from Microsoft Academic Search.
  • All browsers: The Picker could not separate ISBN numbers separated by semicolons correctly.
  • Chrome Picker: The Hunter did not appear on Wikipedia pages containing bibliographic information in COinS format.
  • Chrome Picker: The feature Copy selection and URL to Clipboard did not work as expected for PDF documents.
  • Chrome Picker: DOI names with special characters (angle brackets) were not imported correctly.
  • Chrome Picker: The Picker appeared grayed out (disabled) even when it was enabled.
Word Add-In
  • Under certain conditions, RefMan citation groups could not be converted to Citavi fields.
  • Corrections made to names in the Citavi project were not automatically displayed in the Word Add-In.
  • When inserting knowledge items and categories, an empty paragraph with the heading style was inserted if a footnote style was being used.
  • The Capitalize the first letter automatically options in the citation style led to inconsistent capitalization results for name prefixes.
  • Certain special characters could not be entered in the Prefix and Suffix fields.
  • Under certain circumstances the chapter view displayed the wrong chapter.
  • If two Word documents were opened and one was connected to a Citavi project, the Word Add-In would appear even if Citavi was closed.
Citavi DBServer Manager
  • After changing the saving routine for DBServer projects, users with the Author role could not add new references.
  • An unspecified error message could occur in the dialog for selecting users or groups when adding an Active Directory user and clicking Cancel
  • Citavi created local backups of DBServer projects.
  • When importing from a local project to a DBServer project, the Attachments folder was saved at too low a level. 
Citation Style Editor
  • When switching from one reference type or rule set, the preview did not automatically update to reflect the new reference type or rule set.
  • If Citavi was ended, occasionally unsaved changes in a citation style were lost.
  • There was no Group component in the Citation Style Editor.