Citavi 5.3 Released


2016-05-03: Citavi 5.3.1 released: "open in full screen" button removed.

New and Improved Features

  • Citavi for DBServer: Attached PDF files can be searched for keywords.
  • The Citavi Picker can now import PDF files in addition to bibliographic information when importing from CiteSeer.
  • The field Claims was enlarged for the Patent reference type.
  • When importing from Web of Science, WoS numbers are now converted to clickable links.

Resolved Bugs

  • If the Windows language was set to Korean or Japanese, the installation would abruptly stop with no error message.
  • Certain PDF files could cause Citavi to crash.
  • Scrolling through or enlarging certain PDF files too quickly could cause Citavi to crash.
  • Under certain circumstances Citavi would crash with the following error message:pdftron.Common.PDFNetException: MILERR_WIN32ERROR (Exception from HRESULT: 0x88980003).
  • If Save a copy of this project was clicked and the project had a very long name, the project folder was deleted.
  • Citavi did not import bibliographic data in ENW format if it was pasted from the Clipboard.
  • When importing a .bib file (BibTeX) by double-clicking the file, Citavi would import the file using the EndNote Tagged import filter.
  • RIS files that were exported from an EBSCOHost page contained email addresses in UR fields which led to incorrect locations being added to Citavi.
  • When importing from an Access database or Excel file no fields could be assigned for the reference types Contribution and Archive Material.
  • When importing via Import > Formatted bibliography, data in the Clipboard was not found.
  • Importing large numbers of references into a team project on several computers simultaneously could lead to inconsistencies due to duplicate keys.
  • When importing from Web of Knowledge, the capitalization of journal names was incorrect.
  • The feature ISBN, DOI, PMID > Text from Clipboard did not react if the Cancel button was clicked.
  • IDs were not recognized when importing PDF files.
  • When importing PDF files using the Find full text feature, no cover image was created for the PDF.
  • When importing a category system from a Word document, comments related to headings were added to the category name.
  • No results were found in PubMed when searching another database at the same time.
  • The location search stopped if HeBIS was the first catalog in the list and if no results were found.
  • Covers could not be displayed in the preview pane.
  • PDF files with Image Masks were not displayed correctly.
  • When clicking the link to a highlighted section in the PDF file on the Quotations tab in the Reference Editor, the highlight was only selected when the user clicked another highlight previously.
  • When editing a knowledge item in the Knowledge Organizer the Show in PDF button did not work.
  • Renaming PDF files could lead to inconsistent file names when more than one file was attached to a reference.
  • The feature Rename files with the Citavi short title > All files in the project also affected linked files.
  • When only changing uppercase or lowercase in the file name of an attached PDF through the Rename this file feature, a new file was created.
  • Citavi did not remove unnecessary RTF code when text from Word was copied and inserted in a text field.
  • Some complex author names were not correctly separated when using the feature Paste 'first name last name' as 'last name, first name' was used.
  • Duplicate tasks were created when adding a task via a reference's shortcut menu.
  • If in the Knowledge Organizer one of the sorting options was used to sort knowledge items in a category, the references were no longer sorted after Citavi was restarted.
  • Knowledge items flickered when several were assigned to a category by drag and drop.
  • If in the print preview for compilations the Bullets button was clicked, Citavi inserted bullet points instead of dashes.
  • If no internet connection was available and if under Browse citation styles the command Find and add style was clicked, an error message appeared under Available online.
  • If the default folder for Attachments was changed, Citavi did not display a warning message if the target folder already contained files.
  • Merging two very similar list entries could lead to a constraint error.
  • Under Lists > Periodicals deleting the contents of an abbreviation field for a journal could cause an error message to occur.
  • When opening a PDF file via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O Adobe Acrobat could not load add-ons (search, annotate, OCR). New keyboard shortcut: Alt+Ctrl+O.
  • When using the Turn on editing in place feature in the Table view, not all columns were protected correctly.
  • Searching for a date formatted as "03.12.2015" using Quick search led to the error "Not a valid search string".
  • Searching for a date formatted as "07.03.2016" using the Advanced search was interpreted as "3 July 2016" in the English interface and "7 March 2016" in all other languages.
  • When searching person fields (a:) the person’s notes field was not included in the search.
  • If a knowledge item contained a list with hyphens instead of bullet points, the last hyphen disappeared when the knowledge item was inserted using the Word Add-In. If the Compilation feature was used, the last hyphen appeared twice.
  • If an author name contained a Unicode character, the reference could not be sent by email.
  • If under References > Copy or move to a Citavi project the option Do not copy or move references with identical ISBNs, DOI names, or PubMed IDs was selected and if a reference with the same ISBN was in the source project, references were not moved but were deleted instead.
  • The option Do not copy or move references with identical ISBNs, DOI names, or PubMed IDs under References > Copy or move to a Citavi project did not work properly.
  • When using the feature References > Copy or move to a Citavi project the contents of the Notes field for persons were not transferred to the target project.
  • When using the feature References > Copy or move to a Citavi project formatting in knowledge items was lost.
  • If Word was open and the user clicked Citation > Quote and then selected an insertion option, the reference was inserted in Word even if a TeX editor had been set as the default Word processor.
  • Knowledge items with "No categories" could not be added to a compilation via Compilation > Save with options.
  • During a BibLaTeX export the entries in the Date of decision and Year fields were not exported correctly.
  • The field mapping for the EndNote Tagged export contained errors.
  • The Text encoding options in the BibTeX export definition did not have any effect.
  • When exporting a Contribution in a Conference Proceedings to RIS format, the information for the conference name, place, and date were lost.
  • When exporting or importing a patent using the RIS filter, the issue country was neither exported nor imported.
  • When exporting to Excel, online addresses added under Location > Internet address were not exported completely.
Word Add-In
  • Under certain conditions cursive formatting in knowledge items was only displayed in Word after the document was closed and opened again.
  • Changes to the Suffix and Prefix fields on the Citations tab had no effect if only capitalization changes were made.
  • The search by short title on the Knowledge tab was not possible, even if the view was changed to By short titles.
  • Knowledge items that were deleted in Citavi would still appear on the Knowledge tab.
  • If the page range numbering type was changed, the Word Add-In did not did not continue using the same numbering type during a session and the user had to change the type for every inserted citation.
  • With in-text citations only (Miller 2001, 2003) worked, but not Miller (2001, 2003).
  • When a quotation was added in Word that only consisted of list items, a superfluous space was added at the beginning of the quotation.
  • When using page ranges such as "TECH 47-54, 57, 38" only "TECH 47-57" was displayed.
  • Page ranges such as "56b-57a" (columns) were shortened to "56b-57".
Publication Assistant
  • When inserting indirect quotations in a Word document using the Publication Assistant an additional line was inserted and the font size changed.
  • After formatting a Writer document the prefixes and suffixes entered in the reference placeholders were lost.
  • The category view was not refreshed automatically in the Publication Assistant.
Citation Style Editor
  • The automatic capitalization of the first letter at the beginning of a footnote did not work in multiple citations.
  • In the Citation Style Editor preview, the option Start page only was ignored for quotation page ranges.
  • The replacement Three periods with ellipsis was carried out twice.
  • The option Same as previous style did not ignore special formatting in title fields such as subscript letters or numbers.
  • Under certain conditions, the punctuation between citations in a multiple citation did not work correctly.
  • When installing Citavi no Picker was offered for Adobe Acrobat DC and Acrobat 2015.
  • When importing individual references from PubMed Central (PMC) using the Picker's Hunter feature, an incorrect PDF link was imported.
  • References from Springerlink were not imported correctly if the Picker's Hunter feature was used.
  • When using the Hunter feature with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy the URL and access date were not added to Citavi.
  • In the Chrome Picker message window the Picker's GUID was displayed.
  • When performing a Google search in Firefox, script error messages kept appearing.
  • If the Stack Exchange website was open in Firefox, the Picker would cause Firefox to crash.
  • The Picker icons could not be disabled in the settings for the Firefox Picker.
Citavi for DBServer
  • A Citavi database saved on SQL Server 2008 would not appear in the list of projects if another default database had been defined for the user on the server.
  • Importing encrypted access data for databases using an import file failed when using a DBServer license.
  • The option Change attachments path was not available for project leaders whose permissions were inherited from an Active Directory group.
  • Creating a new project in the DBServer Manager could lead to an error message when specifying a non-existent attachments path.
  • If a user was working with a DBServer license it did not appear in the license dialog in Citavi.
  • License information displayed in the DBServer Manager could be contradictory.
  • After renaming a project, project roles were not correctly transferred.
  • Scrolling in the Manage Users dialog in the DBServer Manager could lead to an unintelligible error message under certain circumstances.