[#431526] Retain prefixes and suffixes for "Default (as entered)" page ranges

Citavi 5.3 and later


In the Word Add-In you entered additional information or multiple page ranges in the Page range field. This used to cause Citavi to no longer be able to interpret the page numbers correctly in certain cases. For example:
  • 228, §4
  • 140, 220, 405-406
In version 5.3 and later, the Citavi Word Add-In automatically changes the Numeral system setting for these kinds of page numbers to Default (as entered). This ensures that all page information appears in your document exactly as it is entered.
As a result of this change, Citavi no longer uses any prefixes or suffixes defined by the citation style (for example "p." for pages or "§" for sections).
If you want prefixes and suffixes to be displayed even if Default (as entered) is selected, you can add the script below to the Quotation page range component in your citation style.


General instructions

Special instructions

Add the code to the Quotation page range component.