Citavi's Word Add-In lets you search both the References and Knowledge tabs. You can set up keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch from your Word document to the search field you want to use: F8 for searching references and Shift+F8 for searching knowledge items.

Customizing the keyboard shortcuts in Word:

  1. In Word on the File menu, select Options > Customize Ribbon.
  2. Next to Keyboard shortcuts click Customize.
  3. On the Customize Keyboard window, in the Categories list, select Macros.
  4. In the Macros list, select the macro CitaviPaneActivateKnowledgeItems.
  5. Place the cursor in the Press new shortcut key field.
  6. Press Shift+F8
  7. Click Assign.
  8. On the Macros dialog, select the macro CitaviPaneActivateReferences
  9. Place the cursor in the Press new shortcut key field.
  10. Press F8
  11. Click Assign.
  12. Click Close and then click OK.

These keyboard shortcuts are saved in the Normal.dotm template and can be used in all new documents based on the Normal.dotm template.

Using keyboard shortcuts:

  1. If you want to insert a reference from your project in your document, press the F8 key.
  2. Start typing your search terms. You can search for the first or last name of an author, a word from the title or the name of a journal. You can also search for all information that Citavi saves on the Reference tab. The search will also look for words within other words. For example, a search for soft will return software and Microsoft. You can use the question mark and asterisk placeholders as well. The question mark stands for exactly one character (including spaces). For example, ?iger finds Tiger, Eiger and Giger. The asterisk (*) stands for any number of characters in the search term. For example, s*der finds spider, salamander, stockholder, or solder.
  3. Type until only the reference you want is displayed or navigate to the reference using the arrow keys. Press the  Enter key to insert the reference in your document.
  4. If you want to insert a knowledge item in your document, press Shift+F8. Then, search for words in the core statement or knowledge item.

Additional hints:

  • To insert a reference with page numbers, press the Tab key after selecting the reference, and then start typing the page number. The Insert Advanced menu will open with the page number in the Page range field. Press the Enter key to insert the reference with the page number in your document. (When you insert a knowledge item, Citavi enters the page number automatically if you entered it in your Citavi project already.)
  • To insert a multiple citation – for example, (Müller 2014; Schmidt 2010) or [3-5, 14] – press the F8 key after inserting the first reference. Select the next reference and press the Enter key again. The Citavi Word Add-In creates a multiple citation for the inserted references. On the Citations tab you can delete references from a multiple citation or convert the multiple citation to individual citations.
  • The citation style you select determines whether the reference is inserted in your document or in a new footnote. You can change where the reference is inserted by selecting the reference and then pressing Shift+Enter. Navigate to the Insert as drop-down menu using the Tab key. Use the arrow keys to select either In-text or Footnote.