After starting Microsoft Word you do not see the Citavi tab. If you see the tab, but it appears greyed out and is unavailable, please see this FAQ.

Before checking the points below, make sure that you are working with the latest version of Citavi. In Citavi on the Help menu, click Check for updates. If an update is available, install the update and then check if the Word Add-In appears.

You can also check here to see if a beta version is available that contains a bug fix for the issue you are experiencing.

Possible Causes

(from most to least common)
  1. You switched from an older Word version to Word 2016
  2. The Word document that you opened was selected in Windows Explorer and was appearing in the Windows preview
  3. The Word Add-In was not installed
  4. Word was still running in the background when you tried to start it
  5. Word disabled the Word Add-In
  6. Antivirus software prevented the Word Add-In from being installed
  7. There's a problem with the installation of the .NET Framework (not applicable for Windows 8)
  8. You are using Office 2010 Starter (Click-to-Run)
  9. Two versions of Office are installed on your computer
  10. Older versions of Office were not uninstalled completely
  11. The Word Installation is damaged (see solution 7)
  12. Word's Trust Center is preventing add-ins from being run