[#60013] Creating a Windows Event Log (Windows 8)

The Windows Event Log helps our support team identify errors that are caused by a combination of factors. To create the log, perform the following steps.
  1. Press the Windows button. Begin typing event log. The Windows search displays the following:

  3. Select Settings and double-click View event logs. You will see the following:

  4. Select Event Viewer (Local) > Windows Logs > Application (1).
  5. In the middle window select all entries that were protocolled around the time you experienced the problem (2). Make sure to select the Error entries.
  6. Right-click the selected entries and select Save Selected Events (3).
  7. Name the file in a way that we can tell which support case it belongs to.
  8. Select the option: Display information for these languages: English.
  9. Click OK. The file is saved with the .evtx file extension. Please use our Service portal to send the file along with a description of the error.