[#50032] Changing the font style of knowledge items

If you changed the default text style for formattable text fields under Tools > Options, you might want to change the font of your quotations and ideas back to the default at a later point in time. Unfortunately, this option has no effect on knowledge items already saved. To change the text style for knowledge items that were already saved, use the macro Reformat All Knowledge-Items.
The macro opens each knowledge item window and applies the following formatting:
Font: Segoe UI
Font size: 9 pt
Alignment: left

Please note the following:
  1. Make sure to create a backup of your project before running the macro (File > Create backup).
  2. Read our instructions for running a macro in Citavi.
  3. The macro cannot be stopped once it is running.
  4. While the macro is running many windows will open and close. This is not an error; knowledge item windows should open and close when this macro is run.