[#60041] After opening a project, Citavi reports that the project is read-only

After opening Citavi you receive a message that the project is read-only.

The message can appear under the following circumstances.



You are trying to open a project with more than 100 references, but you are using Citavi Free.

Enter your license key for Citavi for Windows.

[Citavi 3 or 4 only] The team project is password-protected.

Contact the project leader for the team project and request to have your role changed from Reader to Author or Project leader.

The Citavi project has the "read-only" file property.

In Windows Explorer, right-click the Citavi project file and then click Properties. Click General and then clear the Read-only checkbox.

The Citavi project is read-only because it was directly opened from a ZIP file.

Extract the project by right-clicking the ZIP file and clicking Extract all. Open the extracted project file.


The Citavi project is saved on a read-only device, such as a CD-ROM or USB flash drive.

Copy the Citavi project file to your hard drive and open it from there.