You want to use Citavi with a program other than Word, Writer, or a LaTeX editor. Citations and quotations should be inserted into the text and a bibliography should be added automatically at the end of your document.

Citavi works with any program that can handle RTF (Rich Text Format).

1. Open the document in the program:
 Öffnen Sie Ihr Dokument in Scrivener

2. In Citavi, click Tools > Options > General. Then, change the default behavior for the Publication Assistant as shown:
Legen Sie in den Citavi-Optionen das Einfügeverhalten für den Publikationsassistenten fest

3. Start the Publication Assistant:
Starten Sie den Publikationsassistenten

4. Click Mini and then click Float to keep a smaller version of the Publication Assistant above your document:
Legen Sie den Publikationsassistenten über Ihr Dokument.

5. Begin writing your text.
 Schreiben Sie Ihren Text in Scrivener.

6. Insert references using the Clipboard. To do so, first double-click the reference you want to insert in the Publication Assistant. Citavi then copies the reference to the Clipboard. Paste the reference into your document.
Fügen Sie Titel oder Zitate über die Zwischenablage ein

7. A placeholder for the reference is inserted:
Im Text erscheint ein Titel-Platzhalter

This placeholder will be replaced by the formatted citation later on.

8. Insert quotations in the same way:
 Fügen Sie so auch die Zitate ein.

9.  When you are finished writing, save your document as an RTF file.

10. Format the RTF document with Citavi:
Lassen Sie die RTF-Datei von Citavi formatieren

11. Citavi checks to see if all of the placeholders have a match in your project (1). You can also select a different citation style (2). After that, click Format (3):
Formatting the publication

12. Citavi lets you know that the file was formatted successfully: 
Citavi meldet den Erfolg.

Click No.

13. Open the formatted file. The RTF file with the name of the citation style on the end is the formatted file:
Wählen Sie die nun von Citavi formatierte RTF-Datei aus