[#50021] Importing a list of journals

Some citation styles require specific abbreviations to be used for the names of periodicals. If you have the list as a text file, you can use this macro to import the list into the list of periodicals in your Citavi project.
  1. Download the macro as a Zip file from one of the links below, save the Zip file on your computer, and then extract the files.
    Import_Journals_C5_v1.3.zip (Citavi 5)
    Import_Journals_V1.3 (Citavi 4)
  2. The list of periodicals to be imported needs to be saved as a .txt file and needs to fulfill the following requirements:
    • Contain one periodical per line.
    • Contain a full name, up to 3 abbreviations, and an ISSN on each line.
    • Use either a tab, semicolon, equals sign, or vertical bar as the delimiter.
    The following are some examples of valid formats:
    • Full name; Abbr. 1
    • Full name; Abbr. 1; Abbr. 2
    • Full name; Abbr. 1; Abbr. 2; Abbr. 3; ISSN
    • Full name = Abbr. 1; Abbr. 2;
    • Full name = Abbr. 1; Abbr. 2; Abbr. 3; ISSN
    • Full name;;;; ISSN
  3. Start Citavi and open the project you want to import the periodicals into.
  4. Important: Because changes made by a macro cannot be undone, backup your project before running the macro (on the File menu, click Create backup).
  5. Open the macro editor by pressing Alt+F11.
  6. On the File menu, click Open and select the .cs file.
  7. Click Compile. No error messages should appear.
  8. Click Run.