Most databases have the ability to export search results to Citavi. Three export formats are relevant when exporting to Citavi: RIS, EndNote Tagged, and BibTeX. Not every database lists these formats by name. Instead you will often find wordings such as "Export to Citation Manager" or "Export to EndNote" — but these are almost always one of the three formats listed above. Try it! The steps involved are generally the following:
  1. Perform your search.
  2. Select the references you want to import.
  3. Export the results.
  4. Correct the file name extension if necessary. If it is .bib, .enw, or .ris, then Citavi will detect it automatically and your browser should open it in Citavi directly. (If not, just double-click it.) If the file name extension is anything else, then in Citavi, on the File menu, click Import, click Text file and then select the appropriate import filter.