Sometimes, when inserting a quotation into a Word document using Citavi, the inserted quotation uses different formatting from the surrounding text.


When inserting, Citavi inserts using the style of the paragraph where the insertion point was located. In body text, this is usually the "Normal" style. If, however, you have manually applied formatting to the text, those manual changes will not be used, because Citavi can only determine the style in use, not any formatting applied additionally. 


Update the "Normal" style to include the formatting you applied manually. To do so, just right-click in a paragraph of "Normal" text to which the manual formatting is applied, then point to Styles and then click Update Normal to Match Selection. This should cause inserted quotations, both existing and future, to use the correct formatting.


If you want quotations to use different formatting, define a style for them. Word automatically provides a style called "Quote". Apply it to the quotation, and if you want to change the formatting, then apply it manually to a quotation and then use Right click > Styles > Update Quote to Match Selection to update the style. You will then need to apply the "Quote" style to each quotation you insert.