During a visit to the library or when you're on a trip, you can use a smartphone to support your work in Citavi.

Add books using a bar code app
In the library or in a bookstore you might come across books that you would like to add to Citavi. With your smartphone and a bar code app (Zxing, Zbar, etc.) you can take a picture of the ISBN bar code on the back of the book. By doing that you can generate a text file or e-mail message with ISBN numbers that you can later import into Citavi all at once: References > Retrieve by ISBN or other identifier > Import file or Text from Clipboard.

Take a picture of the cover or title page of a book to add it by hand later on
You can easily take a picture of a book's cover, the back of a book, or the title page and then add the references by hand at home. There are a few different apps that not only take a photo, but also straighten the image and increase the contrast (for example Camscanner). You can then directly upload the photo to the computer on which Citavi is installed by using a synchronisation app (for example Evernote, Dropbox, or Wuala).

Add quotations
If you find an interesting passage while you are reading, you can take a picture of it with an App such as Prizmo that can convert the image to editable text using OCR (optical character recognition). You can then e-mail this text to yourself, placing the page range of the quotation in the subject line. Later you can then add this text as a quotation to the reference in Citavi. If OCR takes too long to run on your smartphone or if there are too many errors to correct, you can do this on your computer instead using OCR software such as Microsoft OneNote, which is part of most Microsoft Office packages, other integrated OCR software, or a tool such as ABBYY Screenshot Reader.
Important: Optical character recognition results can vary a great deal. Always compare the results to the original photograph and make corrections to the OCR results if necessary.

Complete tasks
In Citavi you can filter the tasks that you want to take care of during a library visit, such as borrowing books or making copies. You can then copy these tasks to the Clipboard and paste them into an e-mail message that you can then send to an online task planner (Remember The Milk, Asana, etc.).