In case you are NOT using Citavi's Word Add-In 


The Format publication feature in Citavi fails when I try to format my Word document.

Potential Causes

  • The number and size of embedded images results in the intermediate RTF file becoming too large for Word
  • Problems with embedded objects such as equations

Solutions for Large RTF

  • Use Microsoft's automatic Fix It. When you insert images into a Word document, they are normally embedded — that is, a copy of the image is stored inside the Word file itself. When Citavi tells Word to convert the document to RTF as part of the formatting process, the images can cause the size of the RTF file to increase dramatically because images are stored in their original formats as well as in the uncompressed WMF format. The Fix It tells Word not to create the WMF copy of the image.
    The Fix It is here:
    Look for the Fix It button in the middle of the page and click it, then run the small program that is downloaded.
    The only side effect of this change is that RTF documents you save from Word will no longer show images in most programs other than Word.
  • If that doesn't help: Compress pictures. In Word, click File > Save As, then click Tools > Compress Pictures.

  • If that doesn't help: Link images instead. The alternative to embedding is linking, where the image isn't copied into the Word file, but instead, only a reference to the image file is stored. When the Word document is opened, Word loads the image from the original image file.
    When you use the Insert Picture command in Word, you can choose to link the image instead:

    A few more tips about using linked images:
    • If you give a Word document with linked images to someone else, you must include the include the linked images, too. This is a lot easier if you create a new folder containing both the Word document and the images.
    • Ideally, images should be prepared ahead of time at the dimensions needed for the final Word document, as opposed to scaling in Word.
    • You may find it helpful to keep two versions of images used in Word documents: the original, high-resolution file, and the version optimized for the Word document.