1. Perform a search in the Wiley Interscience database of your choice, for example, The Cochrane Library.
  2. Click Export all Results.
  3. For the Export Type choose Abstract and citation.
  4. For the File Type, choose PC.
  5. Click Export Citation.

  6. Save the file citation-export.txt on your computer.
  7. Start Citavi and open the project you want to add the references to.
  8. On the File menu, click Import.
  9. Select Text file (RIS, BibTeX, etc.). Click Next.
  10. Select Wiley Interscience EndNote Tagged. If importing from the Cochrane Library, select The Cochrane Library instead. (If this import filter is not in the list, click Add import filter to add it to the list.)
  11. Select Import a text file. Click Browse.
  12. Select the file citation-export.txt. Click Open and then click Next. The import starts. Click Add references.
Please note that many databases allow you to export to EndNote (Tagged) format. This format is preferred over others, such as RIS.