1. In EndNote Web, on the My References tab, select the references to export and click Copy to Quick List
  2. Switch to the Format tab and then click Export References.
  3. On the References menu, click Quick List.
  4. On the Export style menu, click EndNote Export

  5. Click Save and save the file as exportlist.txt.
  6. Start Citavi and open the project you want to add the references to.
  7. On the File menu, click Import.
  8. Select Text file (RIS, BibTeX, etc.). Click Next.
  9. Select EndNote Tagged Import Format. (If this import filter is not in the list, click Add import filter to add it to the list.)
  10. Select Import a text file. Click Browse.
  11. Select the file exportlist.txt. Click Open and then click Next
  12. The import starts. Click Add references.